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Finger, Hand, Flexors, Forearm, Pronators and

Turning the palm up, is called, "supination." If someone is having trouble with this movement and also has pain in the forearm, they may be having spasm of the pronator muscles. If turning the palm down is trouble, then the supinator muscles is in spasm. To relieve and release these symptoms for someone else, please, take this short course. You will learn how to restore supination and relieve the associated forearm pain. You will also become licensed in Releasology for Pronators and Supination. Anyone who plays racquet sports will need your help. The Hand is also a complicated machine. There are several muscles that can cause pain and make it difficult to operate.  Attempts to release these muscles can be frustrating without some coaching. Learn to release them in this short course, and become Releasology licensed to provide this treatment for paying patients and clients! Learn to heal the supinator and pronators, by hand!

Welcome to the Releasology family!

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