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Releasology is the science and practice of releasing muscles!

Hear Royal's Interview on Bali KSJO with Sheetal Ohri:

Hear Royal's basic explanation of almost any functional medical ailment for free, by using our search, clicking on specific spots you want to learn about on the body images, or clicking on the text links below 

We need subscribers. Royal, and any participating Releasologist will offer discount pricing on treatments and full access to Releasology training. It is the only way to receive discounts on treatments and the only way to begin learning releasology! For clients or students, it's a subscription made for you! Join the Releasology family and subscribe!


A complete guide to natural healing

Search any anatomy, medical, Ayurveda, TCM or releasology topic

to learn how releasology can help you, or learn how to practice Releasology yourself! Or,

Subscribe for

$25 per Month

Over many years, Royal has offered discounts treatments. These discounts have been based solely on loyalty and the number of visits over the past year. These discounts will no longer be offered without a subscription to this site. $150/hr and $225 per 90 minute is the set price without a subscription to this site. New Clients will also receive a standard $25/hr discount on any Releasology treatment.


A subscription to this site offers free access to all of the Releasology short courses and tutorials to learn how to perform Releasology. By completing these short, engaging, healing modules, the next step is to come to class. Royal holds class weekly in Los Gatos and will be offering workshops Internationally in 2023 - to be announced.


You are invited to visit a Releasology class or workshop! Royal teaches a class, weekly, in Los Gatos, CA. Workshops will be given by July Torres, in Barcelona, and workshops will be offered internationally in 2023 and 2024.


After completing our online short-course, you should know that the last half of all of our classes are dedicated to testing those who have completed 0nline classes and want to be tested. Testing consists of a simple anatomy exam, technique assessment and comprehension of the course material. We promise this to be a fun experience and that it will not be intimidating or stressful! Join the Releasology family and attend a class to become Releasology licensed in any modality!

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