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Partnership with Alivio

Imagine 100 students fully trained and certified in Releasology. These students all will be required, instead of tuition, to provide 100 treatments each. These treatments would all be provided to members of their community who don't have access to health-care, are economically disadvantaged and suffering from pain.

The impetus for this idea was born from Royal's trip through a notorious neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia. The contrast of poverty and suffering against a neighborhood committed to bettering itself and through expression of creative artistic energy. Comuna 13, today, is a thriving art community, but their residents need help with relief from pain syndromes. If Alivio can succeed in Comuna 13, we plan to bring the same program all over the world. It is great to travel and see the world, but it is a much better feeling to know that you have contributed to relieving people from physical suffering!


Our goal is to raise $10,000, so we can bring this special program to Comuna 13. Every dollar donated will be used to provide a classroom space, treatment tables; basic supplies for teaching, offering treatments and nothing more... We encourage all donors to visit Comuna 13 before, during and after the Alivio project, see the positive impact it had and know that you were part of making it happen. We are confident that the good will of Alivio in Colombia or wherever else it may venture, will come back to the people who have contribute. All we need is your help. Even a $10 donation will create a charitable healing session for someone who is in desperate need.

Alivio is a recently 501(c)3 approved non-profit, charity, Corporation, based in Los Gatos, California. The mission of Alivio is to bring free pain-relief treatments through Releasology training and a requirement that each student, in turn, provide 100 free Releasology treatments for the most economically disadvantaged members of their own community. 

Comuna Trece, Medellin, Colombia, is the first target community. We hope to train 100 and treat 10,000 in that community in 2023. We hope to bring this program to poor communities around the World, including in the USA, 

Please, support Alivio, by making a donation. They are 501(c)3 approved, by the IRS, so you can bring pain-relief to one person, in need, for only $2.50. When you can give money to a charity, instead of the IRS, it makes the world a better place.

Click the link to visit the website for Alivio, to learn more. 




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For tax info, Alivio's EIN number:
EIN: 88-1135300

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