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Royal's Guide To Muscular Anatomy

Royal's Guide To Muscular Anatomy

SKU: 001

Royal Jacobs has created one of the World's best and only anatomy books that details each muscle in the body, one at a time. This masterpiece provides a special focus on each muscle of the body, with illustrations by the great Vincent Perez, showing each muscle, one at a time, with only the bones it attaches to and nerves that supply it. Royal is not only the author, but has provided medical massage therapy for over 30 years and provides a highly technical, yet casual and easy to understand conversation about what muscles do, where they attach, how they work, and what types of problems each of them cause when they are in spasm. 


"This book would be great for any medical student, or anyone, to have, in order to understand the muscles. There is no better book for learning about the muscular system."  Dr. Kayvon, UCLA, Integrative Medicine

Will be shipped to you no longer than 4 weeks, if we are out of stock.

    This book is 8.5 in x11 in. Perfect-bound. Printed in full color. The best anatony illustrations of each muscle in the body you have ever seen! Color-tabs along the cut-border to make chapters easier to locate. This is a beatiful book and contains the latest information on muscular anatomy and is easy to learn from. Please, contact Royal if you have any questions.


    If for any reason, you would like to return the book, for a full-refund, we welcome you to send it back to us with no issues. We will provide a full refund, or replacement, as soon as we receive the unwanted, or damaged, book. Our goal is to keep all of our customers happy, so you can be assured that however you wish to reasonably handle any issue with your order will be honored.


    We will ship this book to anywhere in the world it is possible. Check rates for shipping to your area.

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