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Chakra 3

The navel is a key center of the body. It is where the descending aorta needs to pass unobstructed. Unfortunately, tension in the adjacent muscles can obstruct its flow. The abdominal muscles all converge on the line alba - the line of connective tissue that holds together the abdominal muscles, with the navel encased between. the psoas major muscle and the crus of the diaphragm muscle attach beneath the navel and exert upward force when they are in spasm. The intestines lay beneath the abdominal muscles, and the navel is held by ligaments that pass through this space. The intestines and navel are all held in place by ligaments that attach to the spine, pubic bone, vertebra and sternum. When these muscles put pressure on the navel area, it causes pain, swellinng, digestion problems, reproductive problems and more. The aorta becomes compressed by all of these muscle when they go into spasm, and cause pain in the navel. To release these muscles and give relief to the navel area, take this course. And, you  Welcome to the Releasology family!

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