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Releasology certification and job opportunity - Colombia

Releasology is hiring! In 2025, Releasology retreats will bring clients from around the world to experience true healing in Colombia. In 2026 Releasology will open healing centers in Colombia. Releasology is a powerful healing method. It goes beyond the capabilities of regular massage therapy. With Releasology medical issues like migraines, low back pain, sciatica and more can easily be resolved with muscle release techniques that appear to be magic because they work so well. To licensed massage therapists in Colombia we will offer Releasology training for free. 

If you are looking for higher pay and love the idea of improving your abilities to relieve pain, this is for you! Releasology includes aesthetic technique training. The best gluteal toning method available is one of our most popular and a technique we call Notox, to release facial wrinkles more effectively than the toxic alternatives. Come and attend our training and certification with no cost to you. If you can demonstrate that you can effectively heal the body, with our unique and highly effective technique, we will provide you with high paying work in 2025 and beyond. Welcome to releasology and we hope to see you at the upcoming certification class, and job opportunity, in Medellin.

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