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Chakra 5 Weight Loss,
Throat and Thyroid

Sometimes the answers are too obvious. The metabolic rate is set by the levels of thyroxin being produced by the thyroid gland. Everyone has a different normal level, but relative to one's normal level, there is one obvious thing that can pinch the nerves supplying the thyroid gland and actually capable of directly crushing the thyroid gland. That thing is the group of muscles called the, "strap muscles." They pass directly over the thyroid gland, and when they spasm, they purposely squeeze thyroxin out of the gland. There is no mistake that this happens when ones swallows. Incredible weight loss is possible by releasing these muscles. Also, a sleep disorder is caused by spasm of these muscles. When they spasm, they squeeze the thyroid gland all of the time causing extreme fatigue, making one want to sleep 16 hours per day, as well as gain weight. Release these muscles and these symptoms will miraculously be corrected. You have to try it to believe it! Click the button and take this course. 

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