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Chakra 2 (Pubis) - 
Low Back and Reproduction:
Ovaries, Testes, Ovarian Cysts

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In the front of the hip is a muscles called the psoas major. It is a very important muscle. It is the strongest muscle attached to the lumbar spine and it is the main cause of low back pain. The only nerve that connects the reproductive glands to the central nervous system is the nerve that passes through the psoas major. So, when this muscle is tight it causes both problems, and it is the cause of ovarian cysts. These techniques cannot help fibroids, and they should not be massaged, but it can drain ovarian cysts, always releases low back pain and always improves reproductive functions for both men and women when it is released. Learn these techniques and learn to heal these issues, by hand. Click the button and take this short class! Welcome to the Releasology family!

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