Releasology Workshops

Description and Schedule


Who can learn Releasology?

Anyone can learn Releasology! Fitness trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors and fitness instructors will find learning Releasology to be instantly helpful!

Workshops and Licensing

We offer teach Releasology through an engaging, hands-on, workshop. Students are introduced to the basic 


Any Releasology Workshop begins with an introduction. The introduction portion of any workshop should only take the first 30 minutes of any workshop. The basic topics covered, prepare students to perform Releasology techniques safely and effectively! Introduction topics include:

  • basic physiology
  • hand hygiene
  • body mechanics
  • palpation
  • stretching with correct alignment
  • subtle techniques to enhance release (ha-tha)

Part 1

Following the introduction, students are paired to perform Releasology techniques on each other. Each student practices performing Releasology for 15 to 90 minutes each, depending on class length. To perform Releasology in this segment of our workshops, students simply go to Pick a Topic and click the body area of interest, and follow along. There is no point in stopping and starting these videos because students will have time to review each technique and memorize each muscle in “part 2 of the workshop.” 

See Pick a Topic

Part 2

Following Part 1, students review the muscle pages for each muscle visited in Part 1. Beneath the video screen on any Releasology topic you could visit from Royal’s Oracle, you will see the Anatomy Memorization and Technique Review link. Follow these links to visit our page for each muscle. At these “muscle pages,” you will find a video demonstration of how to release that muscle, an anatomy illustration, anatomy data and a memorization worksheet link. Do the memorization exercise first. Practice the techniques from video second!

In this review, the memorization worksheets and a red pencil will be required to complete the worksheet for each muscle studied. Students should obtain and complete each memorization worksheet as quickly as possible – simply transfer what is in one’s mind to the worksheet. Repeat the worksheet exercise as many times as it is necessary to memorize the location of each muscle. These worksheets should be saved for future reference but will not be graded.

After completing the memorization worksheets, students pair up again, and practice the technique for each muscle on each other. Double-check worksheets against the anatomy images found in any muscle anatomy book, or on the muscle pages in this website. This exercise of drawing, attempting to recall the origin, insertion, nerve supply and movement for each muscle and then practising Releasology techniques for those muscles will prove to be an invaluable learning experience for anyone who loves learning about the human body! It will be especially great for those who love the idea of learning to help the body heal with simple hands-on stretching techniques! This process will prepare students to complete the Final Exam – after leaving the workshop!

Final Exam – performed after workshop!

After completing part 2, students are perfectly prepared to attempt performing Releasology techniques to help a friend, family member or client. For anyone suffering from the form of pain, loss of athleticism or loss of aesthetics, caused by muscle spasm, thanks to you, it’s their lucky day! We currently have a scheduling system available. We use it to connect students with real people who would love to have you test out your Releasology techniques to help them. Students may have someone already in mind that they want to help, or we can find someone for you. The appointment just needs to be scheduled in our system, so we can verify that it happened. Regardless, the final exam for Releasology is to prove that one can make Releasology effective. This Final Exam needs to be performed within 7 days following the workshop. All workshop attendees who complete this process will automatically be added to our internal list of licensed Releasologists. At the conclusion of the session, a simple smartphone video must be taken of the person who received the session. They simply describe their experience, and honestly comment on effectiveness of the session. They need to state their name, your name, a brief description of the issue you addressed and how well it worked. They should give a numerical value from 0 to 10 (for the level of pain, loss of strength or loss of aesthetics) for before and after their session. If better than 50% relief is achieved, the final exam is complete! You passed! The requirements to become a licensed Releasologist are fulfilled! Congratulations to all who attend and especially to those who complete this final step!

7 body zones with up to 7 topics each

Releasology is divided into 7 body zones with up to 7 topics in each zone. Releasology is designed to be learned in one small piece at a time. Each time a student visits a Releasology Workshop, they can choose a new topic. By completing the Final Exam for just one topic, students become Releasology licensed. By finishing all of the topics in a zone, students become a Releasology Master for that Zone! And, will qualify to become a Releasology Instructor for that zone

Currently, there are no Releasology Workshops scheduled. 2020 will be a very busy year for Releasology with Workshops happening on a weekly basis in many regions. Check back soon!