• Testimonials

  • Thank you, Royal Jacobs! I'm walking with both knees in the same direction (forward) for the first time in weeks!! Your Releasology techniques are amazing as usual! Body maintenance is super important for all fitness instructors, and I've been neglecting mine -- that stops now. He and his team are awesome! Make an appt and do YOUR body good! AND there's a special discount for all U-JAM Instructors through January! Learn more about Releasology and book your appt today!

    Marcella Loera

  • I just wanted to thank Lisa F & Royal for effectively treating my teenage travel hockey player. They relieved him of his sciatica pain from a recent injury during a hockey game. It was so painful he went home from LA to try Releasology. He's now close to 100% relieved and ready to play at another big hockey tourn this wknd!

    Marylou A. Acosta

  • Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Abigail and Royal Jacobs! I feel amazing!! I've gone twice the past two weeks and I can now move my shoulder without pain and today Abby worked on my low back (which I have ongoing issues with from straining it 3 times) and my psoas and I feel so balanced and grounded and no longer tight. I could feel the blood flow return to my legs as my back and psoas were released. I am super excited because now that I got my shoulder take care of I can return to weights! Oh BodyPump how I have missed you! Legit, if you have not tried Releaseology yet, especially if you have something nagging, seriously try it. Highly recommended Abby-she is super sweet and knows her stuff. Can't wait to go back again.

    Jennifer Popp