Royal’s Guide To Muscular Anatomy, by Royal C. Jacobs


This anatomy book is destined to become a classic! The original illustrations were created by Vincent Perez and the photoshop editing, as well as all of the writing, is by Royal C. Jacobs. Vincent Perez is one of the World’s great, and renowned, masters of anatomical illustration. Royal has practiced hands-on healing, as a massage therapist, and instructor of massage therapy, in California since the early 1990’s. Upon realizing that no anatomy book provided beautiful full-color illustrations of every muscle in the body one at a time. In group pictures, certain aspects of most of the muscles one may want to look at will be covered by an adjacent muscle. A book that showed the muscles one at a time needed to be created. As an experienced massage therapist, Royal’s empirical, hands-on, knowledge of the body brings the experience of learning about the body much closer. Royal makes anatomy easy to understand and appreciate with his down to earth explanations. This book is written as a story about the body. Many people catch themselves reading the whole book! You need this book and anyone who is an anatomy enthusiast should also have a copy. And, as PDF, we can deliver it to you at a reduced price!!


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