• Services

    There are 24 body zones and three types of services that can be performed, for one target zone, during a releasology session. The three types of Releasology treatments are:

    • Pain Relief
    • Sports Performance
    • Aesthetic Improvements

    Fast Healing for Pain Relief! When muscles become fatigued, they lose their ability to relax.  This is called “spasm.”  “Spasm” pulls bones out of place, pinches nerves and is the sole rudimentary cause of most form of pain.  Fortunately, any muscle can be released from spasm!  Releasology is a complete healing system that knows which muscles cause pain. 

    Sports Performance: Releasology is known as a powerful remedy for chronic pain, but did you know it also provides amazing sports performance benefits to the human body. Endurance, recovery, strength, flexibility, reaction time and speed are all greatly enhanced by Releasology. Any Releasology Healer is well-versed in how to enhance and tweak any athlete based on what form of athleticism they want to achieve. Team sports, individual sports, dance, martial arts or basic fitness all cause their own unique stresses on the body and require unique enhanced abilities to perform at a competitive level! Releasology is the practice and study of muscle release. Every season brings new athletes, new teams and new aspects of sports Releasology through our doors and we aim to be the best at helping any athlete to perform at their best!

    Releasology for Aesthetics has come from Royal's decades, and tens of thousands of hours of practice at relieving pain, and happening to notice aesthetic benefits from his work. From the top, facial muscles can be released with Releasology with equivalent or superior results to Toxic methods for relaxing muscles under the skin for the purpose of smoothing out wrinkles. The truth is in the before and after pictures. Notox has been filed with the Federal Trademark office for TM, all rights reserved. The secondary area of aesthetics achieved through Releasology has to do with aligning the body for a more aesthetic look. Royal has worked with Body Competitor Athletes for a decade or more. After these athletes have lost every ounce of fat and toned every fiber of muscle in order to get out on stage and flex their muscles in order to look like a perfect anatomical specimen, it is ashame to have a misaligned sacroiliac joint or acromioclavicular joint and have a genuinely "twisted look" on stage. It's a lot of work to look bad. So, we have put together a training program that teaches Releasologists exactly which sets of muscles need to be released in order to correct almost any common misalignment that makes the body look "not as good as it could."  You have to try these aesthetic techniques in order to believe how well they work! As they say, "seeing is believing." 

    These three types of Releasology can be performed for any of 24 body zones. The body zones range from headaches to plantar fasciitis and  can be clicked on when you make an appointment.