• 3 Levels of Releasologist Providers 

    Royal Jacobs:  Master Releasologist and founder of Releasology.  Royal has performed over 40,000 hours of massage therapy/acupressure/energy healing over the past couple decades. He was Voted "Best Massage Therapist," Los Gatos Weekly Times, readers poll 4 times since 1993, and former owner/founder of The Royal Touch Massage Therapy Center and School. Royal is also the author of "Royal's Guide To Muscular Anatomy," with Illustrations by Vincent Perez. Royal's passion has always been healing the body, and his specialty is working with challenging pain issues and providing advanced athletic performance results. Currently, Royal plans on training a small group of inspired massage therapists and working with them until they become the most effective, knowledgeable and elite group of healers ever known, in California! When it comes to pain relief, Releasology trained healers will provide the most effective and fastest results in the healing industry -hands-down!

    Certified Releasologist:  A Certified Releasologist has completed training in Releasology in all body areas and teaches (or has taught) Releasology training.   A Certified Releasologist also understands the basic strategy for resolving chronic pain issues, improving athletic performance and enhancing beauty through the use of Releasology.

    Releasologist Student: A Releasology Student has learned how to release muscles and is in the process of attending Releasology classes to become a Certified Releasologist.  As a student they are required to have practice hours to get certified. The fee is to cover the facility costs (the students is just learning so they don't get paid.)

  • Single Session Fees

    Releasologist Hour 90 min
    Royal $150 $200
    Certified Releasologist $125 $175
    Releasologist Trainee n/a $75
  • No Tox Treatement

    Half hour Hour
    NoTox $150$200