About Releasology

If you are human, you need Releasology! If you are not human, ignore this!

-David Foster

Fortunately, every muscle can be “released” from spasm. With proper placement and alignment, any muscle in the body can be stretched in a specific way that will absolutely trigger the tension (spasm) in that muscle to “release.” Releasology is the study of how to perform these techniques for every muscle in the body. Combining these techniques have been demonstrated to resolve most forms of chronic pain, release most forms of nerve impingement and release most forms of endocrine gland compression (that occur as a result of simple muscles in spasm). Any medical issue should be looked at by a medical doctor. Sometimes, simply releasing muscle tension can perfectly address a body concern without further complications. Releasology is not invasive, nor is it forceful, it’s not chiropractic, nor is it “massage therapy.” Releasology is a set of simple stretching sequences – requiring specific hand placement, to recover a muscle’s normal, intended, length and range of motion. If pain relief, aesthetics or athletics can be achieved through muscle release techniques, we have documented, studied and refined exactly how!

Who can receive Releasology?

Releasology is for all humans! If you can get an appointment with Royal Jacobs, or anyone licensed in Releasology, you can receive Releasology! It is especially beneficial for pain relief, face and body aesthetics and athletics!

Where can you receive a Releasology appointment?

that Royal Jacobs travels to, you can make arrangements to book an appointment, or book through our on-line service! In 2020, Releasology home visits will begin in the Saratoga/Los Gatos area of the Silicon Valley, California! It will become more, and more, available in various service areas around the World with time! To schedule, simply click “Schedule Appointment,” on this site! The scheduling interface will change as the program grows!

Who can learn Releasology?

Anyone can learn Releasology! Fitness trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors and fitness instructors will find learning Releasology to be instantly helpful!

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Workshops and Licensing:

We offer teach Releasology through an engaging, hands-on, workshop. Students are introduced to the basic! The only requirement is a desire to learn!



Eric Wright, legendary corner-back, San Francisco 49ers

Keith Testimonial with Royal Jacobs.

Lorin Allrad with Royal Jacobs

Fernando surprises Pia with Royal Jacobs.

Lisa Martinez Testimonial with Royal Jacobs.

John Robinson with Royal Jacobs – I never moved to L.A.





Laura Ortiz, Testimonial in Spanish with Royal Jacobs




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