• Chronic pain, and many other body problems, are most commonly caused by a "pinched nerve." The human body does not normally start out in life with pinched nerves, so something must change to cause a pinched nerve. What has changed, usually, is one of the great ironies of life! Muscles are usually the cause of pinched nerves and muscles are commonly left out of the equation of what needs to be done to resolve a pinched nerve. Maybe it's not profitable?.. Muscles have a characteristic that is well-known by physiologists, yet commonly misunderstood by most doctors. The obvious secret is that, "muscles lose their ability to relax when they become fatigued!" The condition of a muscle losing their ability to relax is called, "spasm." When muscles go into spasm they restrict their own blood supply by a factor of 2,000 times. Muscles require electrolytes, e.g, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium, in order to come out of spasm. Muscles in spasm also block the flow of lymphatic fluid, they crush cartilage, they stress ligaments, and among the many other problems they cause, they pinch nerves near bones that muscles in spasm have moved out of place, or where nerves pass directly through muscles in spasm. 

    Muscles in spasm cause debilitating and expensive physical problems. For example, spasm of the scalenus muscles alone causes migraines, high blood pressure, brachial plexus impingement and respiratory problems, to name a few. How can the scalenus (3 small muscles on each side of the neck) cause so many problems? The brachial plexus (nerve cords that become the nerves of the shoulder, arm hand) pass between the scalenus anterior and scalenus medius muscles. When these two muscles spasm they trap all three cords and the entire shoulder, arm and hand can become numb, have sharp shooting pain or tingling. The scalenus anterior is positioned directly over the carotid artery. The carotid artery is the main artery supplying the head and brain. A migraine, by definition, is a head pain caused by restricted blood flow to the brain. Migraines are treated like one of the great mysteries of the universe, and the number of people suffering from migraines through their lifetime is staggering. The truth is that spasm of the scalenus anterior, thereby restricting the blood flow through the carotid artery is the only anatomical way a migraine can occur. The scalenus anterior is only one muscle, and it can easily be released from spasm. By thoroughly releasing the scalenus anterior muscle, migraines can always be relieved. The only obstacle is ignorance of the mechanism that causes migraines or manual techniques that can reliably release the scalenus anterior from spasm. 

    Releasology, as defined by Royal Jacobs who coined the term, is the practice and/or study of how muscles in spasm cause disease and the documenting the most effective manual techniques for releasing those muscles from spasm, thereby providing relief from those diseases. Royal Jacobs personal Releasology techniques cover how to release every muscle in the body from spasm, and his personal methodology covers all forms of pain, and disease, covered on this website. Royal also recognizes that many massage and physical therapists have arrived at the same conclusions with surprisingly similar techniques, and in fact, Doctors of Ayurveda, in ancient Tamil India appear to have arrived at the same conclusions and practice surprisingly similar techniques even today. This site begins with Royal's contribution of knowledge, methodology and techniques, but the term Releasology refers to all of those healers from the past, present and future who recognize how muscle spasm causes disease in many forms, and knows how to release those muscles from spasm.


    To receive Releasology treatment from Royal or his staff of Releasologists, use our on-line scheduling page. You will be impressed by how much pain can be relieved and how many positive physical changes can come from every Releasology treatment with any Releasologist. 


    Massage therapists, physical therapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, fitness trainers and even soccer Mom's can have a strong  interest in learning how to resolve a pain issue for a friend, loved one, or professional client or patient. The training portal here at releasology.com provides a portal for just that. The Training Portal provides quick on-line courses that teach you Royal Jacobs' Releasology techniques through video tutorials, related anatomy through fun drawing exercises, how to integrate concepts from ancient medicine to more effectively heal the body, and to understand the disease topic with illustrations and explanations (followed by short quiz's) to ensure that you "get it." Use the Training Portal to access all of the on-line courses. Once on-line course have been completed, students can attend a course on the same topic in-person. 

    Completion of any on-line course is a prerequisite to attending the same course in-person. This ensures that all in-person students have a minimum level of familiarity with the course topic and are ready for hands-on training! If a course topic is not scheduled in the near future, students may schedule an appointment to work with Royal Jacobs, or licensed Releasology Instructor, in person as an option. Fees for one-on-one training and for any Releasology course is subject to change, but will be posted with any course listing, or menu of fees.