Become a Releasologist!

What is Releasology? Releasology is, hands-down, the most effective modality for Releasing muscles from spasm. Spasm is the root cause of most forms of pain! Releasology is possibly the most effective approach to pain relief! Releasology also greatly enhances athletic performance and gives the body, and face, a better look!

7 Zones of Study! Releasology is a study of the entire body, but is divided into 7 zones! This divides the learning into manageable amounts of learning and gives every student the knowledge they need to provide pain relief in the zone studied within a few Months, or even faster for students with high aptitude!

Introductory workshops – Releasology training begins with an introductory workshop on one of the seven body zones. Check our schedule of classes for more information on locations, dates and times!

Introduction to Releasology (workshop) – Attend this short course to learn the basics. Anatomy memorization made fun; body mechanics for yourself while you heal others; how to align your body in order to perform Releasology techniques; learn to use the two modes of Prana to release blocked muscles. Releasology is the study and practice of Releasing muscles, so everyone learns something useful.

Weekly class to become licensed in Releasology – Finish the anatomy exams, technique mastery included in each zone of training, and become licensed. Come to class on a weekly basis for coaching, or support, until all of the steps of learning are complete.

Weekly class schedule for 2020 – hosted at Royal’s apartment and other locations.

Cost – $1,250 is the basic cost! Fitness, Yoga and Martial Arts instructors and trainers qualify for an incredible discount. Contact us for your discount code! Continued support and training will be provided in the bi-weekly class! On-line support will also be given in the form of grading anatomy worksheets and coaching on Releasology techniques through our learning management system!