If you like the idea of using your hands to get people out of pain, you can do Releasology!

Introductory workshops – Releasology training begins with an introductory workshop on one of the seven body zones.

Weekly class to become licensed in Releasology – Finish the anatomy exams, technique mastery and 30 documented treatments and become licensed. Come to class on a weekly basis for coaching, or support, until all of the steps of learning are complete.

Weekly class schedule for 2020 – Class will meet every Wednesday from 1pm to 4pm. Enroll in any of the 7 programs, and attend.

Cost – $1,250 (or complete 30 documented sessions scheduled through releasology.com; customers have to pay $75 per appointment; $30 is paid to students for performing the treatments; we keep $45). After licensing, graduates are legally allowed to call their treatment, “Releasology.” If students do not complete 30 sessions within 6 Months, as described, they will be required to pay the remaining balance.

When muscles become fatigued they lose the ability to relax – this state is called, “spasm.” This is different than simply losing the ability to contract. This physiological fact informs us about the true cause of most forms of chronic pain. It explains why the body loses strength, why it loses endurance and loses flexibility when muscles become fatigued! Muscle spasm also causes loss of aesthetics in many ways, including facial wrinkles and muscle tone! Every human on Earth needs the help of Releasology! This program simply shows you how you can help with your own hands!